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March 10th, 2014
Issam Darwish

Issam Darwish

Issam Darwish, IHS Vice Chairman and CEO

Issam Darwish co-founded IHS Nigeria Plc in 2001 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Darwish has applied his leadership skills, technology insight and operational expertise to strengthen IHS’s culture of innovation alongside extending and expanding the company’s mobile tower portfolio and African reach.

Before joining IHS, Darwish was the Deputy Managing Director of CELIA Motophone Ltd, Nigeria’s first GSM operator.

Darwish was responsible for setting budgets, recruitment, administration, project planning and implementation, procurement and contract negotiations.

Darwish achievements at CELIA include rolling out the GSM network to cover five cities within six months of joining CELIA.

Previously, Darwish was the Vice Chairman and Director of projects at Lintel, an international GSM operator.

Darwish was responsible for global project implementation in West Africa and Middle East.

Darwish also served as Network Manager for Libancell SAL, a Lebanese GSM operator.

Darwish has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, including considerable experience of rolling out projects in challenging operating environments.

Darwish served as an Instructor in C++ programming language at the University of Beirut, from where he moved to MCI Overseas as Satellite System Manager with responsibilities for managing, procurement, installation & O & M of satellite systems.

Darwish serves as Executive Vice Chairman and Executive Director of IHS Nigeria.

Darwish is a frequent speaker at industry and academic events.

Darwish graduated from the American University with Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Computer & Communication Engineering with a distinction.

Darwish also has Certificates in Quality Control from SONERA, previously Telecom Finland and in Network Management from Mobilcom, Austria.

Darwish also holds various course certificates from Motorola and Siemens.

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