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April 25th, 2014
Ije Nwokorie

Ije Nwokorie

Ije Nwokorie, Wolff Olins MD

Ije Nwokorie has been the managing director of Wolff Olins in London since 2010.

Wolff Olins is famous as one of the world’s most influential brand businesses, responsible for brands such as Orange, First Direct, Tate, RED, AoL, London2012 and EE.

Nwokorie has responsibility for the day-to-day running of the business: ensuring Wolff Olins attracts great people and creates the environment for them to make amazing new and better realities with their clients.

Prior to becoming the managing director, Ije was a strategy director and principal leading Wolff Olins teams.

Nwokorie has advised the boards of some of the world’s leading companies – Daimler, Skype, Expedia, EE and Orange.

Nwokorie spent his early years in Nigeria, an experience he credits with underpinning his creative outlook, as it is a world where commerce, culture, and creativity are necessarily intertwined in everyday life.

Nwokorie started his architecture training at the University of Nigeria (BSc) and completed it at Columbia University in New York. Graduating in the mid-90’s, Nwokorie found his creative outlet in the emerging world of multi-media and digital products, working first in special effects, then as a producer in online gaming for the Eidos, the home of iconic game Tomb Raider.

Since then Nwokorie has gone on to build a career that seeks to blur the lines between technology, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism, a passion that has found a fruitful outlet at Wolff Olins.

Nwokorie acts as an adviser for numerous startups, including SortedFoods, through his venturing vehicle, Co-Incidence.

Nwokorie is a passionate speaker on the subject of creative leadership and increasingly an influential voice in the fledgling creative industries of Africa.

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